Thursday, September 28, 2006


Today is my quarterly routine MRI to make sure that all is well and no detection of another tumor on my brain. While I'm okay with the fact that things will be what they are as far as my health, I am not very happy about having my appointments scheduled just willy nilly whenever. I guess that's the control freak part about me. It just doesn't seem terribly out of line to have an appointment schedule during the time of day that works best for my schedule and Tom's too. I guess I expect too much.

My appointment will be at 2pm...which I suppose will have to be okay. I have been having my appointments scheduled for 4:15 in the late afternoon for quite some time and the schedulers at my oncologists office just don't seem to give a rip about my desires!

Oh well, such is my life....lessons in learning patience and not being so much of a control freak.

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