Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Harvest Century Post-Ride

On Sunday, October 8, 2006 Tom and I rode the 75 mile route (click on photo) in the Harvest Century which started and ended at Champoeg State Park out of Newberg, OR.

For a few days before it I was a little concerned that I would actually be able to do it. First, because we had not logged very many miles since the last long ride we did (Vine Ride) and second, I don't do well on hills mostly because I start to suck air almost as soon as a climb starts because I have exercise induced asthma. Not fun. Most of the time I manage to make it up the hill, no matter the size, but my recovery from not being able to breathe has been slow. Thus, the concern about the hills on this ride, but I have new meds and they WORK!

Anyway, the ride started out nice - mostly overcast. Then turned to drizzle and then full out RAIN. Fortunately we made it thru our lunch break at one of the rest stops before it really started to rain which was about 50 miles into the ride. Only 25 more in the rain!

There were plenty of hills which I really enjoyed because now I know that I can do them! One neat thing we came across was a ferry out of Canby that crosses the Willamette. It's just big enough for a few cars and I thought it was pretty cool. The hill coming out of the ferry dock was quite another thing and the only time I walked my bike. Tom says that the second half of the hill after the turn was about a 15% grade...YIKES! I was determined though, I don't enjoy walking on my cleats.

I really enjoy doing all these organized rides around Oregon. I'm not familiar with a lot of places around Washington/Yamhill/Marion County, but I have enjoyed the scenery that we have been priveleged to ride thru.

Now that we have completed the Harvest Century Ride I am a little sad that this is the last ride for us this year, but I look forward to another season of cycling like a maniac.

Time to dust off the Trainer!


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