Monday, February 12, 2007

Worst Day of the Year ride

Yesterday was our first "big" ride of the year - Worst Day ride. It has been said that, historically, this time of the year is bad as far as the weather is concerned.

The weather was perfect! No rain until the finish. Which is good, because we (Tom, Tracey, Scott and I) had quite a day on the ride! We had a few set-backs along the way...

* Not even a half a mile into the ride and we are stuck waiting at a RR crossing waiting for the train to pass.

* About a mile later we hit another RR crossing and waited for a couple of minutes for a different train.

* After leaving the first Rest Stop at River City Bicycles I discovered I had a flat. Had I checked my tires while at the rest stop I could have had the mechanics there do the repair - oh well.

* A couple of blocks past the REI Reststop Tom caught his wheel in the streetcar track and went down!

* On the Broadway bridge Tracey had a flat!

Then nothing until less than 5 miles from the finish, Tracey flatted again! We were riding side by side and I heard the pop and then the air coming out of her rear tire....I was thrilled it wasn't me!
We managed to make to the finish without any more problems...Scott decided to go visit his parents since we were in the neighborhood and Tom, Tracey & I continued on. We all met up again at the Lucky Lab Brew Pub and had lunch together before heading out. The ride and the weather were great, despite the set-backs. The ride certainly was more interesting.
It was a fun day with friends and being part of the cycling community in Portland.

Here's to more organized rides!

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