Friday, June 22, 2007

Starbucks Crash Ordeal

On the evening of June 3, Tom and I were sitting at "our" Starbucks when a mini-van type vehicle popped over the curb thing, knocked over the disabled parking sign and came crashing thru the window which caused quite a scene inside the store. Tom and I were seated near the crash site, although Tom was sitting in the way of the van trying to get into the store. Fortunately, he was not hurt very badly, just strained muscles as far as we could tell and I was an emotional wreck for a few days following.

After some searching the local news websites, it was said that the driver of the van had broken his foot the week before and his leg wasn't responding correctly. Hellooo, if the foot is broken, maybe try to not drive.

Anyway, that was a couple of weeks ago and things are finally back as they should be. We no longer sit in the comfy chairs in the corner, but at least we are back and enjoying coffee beverages and our friends there.

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