Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just over a month...

I can BE a runner

Today was a great running day! The run we did Tuesday after work was dreadful, I felt so awful. Yesterday was a total day of rest and I was ready to go! I stepped up my pace a little and am getting closer and closer to feeling like a real runner.

The LIVESTRONG Challenge is June 29 and tonight I feel fairly confident that I will get to that 5K distance with a few days to spare. It's time to step up to the next stage of my running plan, which I need to look up.

I look forward to completing this training plan as my desire to ride to work increases by the day and I am starting to miss riding on a regular basis. As I mentioned before I plan to maintain my 5K distance by running a couple of days a week instead of riding just a couple of days a week.


My plan was to commute totally by bike today, but this afternoon the rain started up again and I was not prepared to ride the six miles home in the rain gear with me today (I'm such a wimp) So I called Tom and he came and picked me up.

One of these day I have got to just get over the fact that it rains and just ride TO and FROM work just once, I know I won't melt. I'm just too much of a princess.... ;) The rainy days might actually be the best day to ride on the Salmon Creek Trail -who wants to be out when it's raining...just the crazy cyclist! Here's to bicycle commuting this summer...

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