Thursday, May 29, 2008


The 2008 LIVESTRONG Challenge is June 29 - one month from today.

In the middle of March when I decided that I wanted to do the 5K run in this year's Challenge, I must have been mildly insane to think that I would stick with the training. Tom has been a great support to me and we have stuck with it thru all the cold, rain, cold rain...more rain and RAIN. Thankfully it's not raining much these days, but it's been on the chilly side. The freak heatwave a couple of weeks ago was not a welcome change, but I ran early in the day and kept on track. I am ahead by one week in my training plan due to my memory not working so well, but it works because I guess I didn't need that particular training plan for that week afterall.

Thinking back to the early days of beginning running the plan seemed silly with small changes from week to week. It all has come into focus now - I'm running at least 13 minutes straight and walking 2 minutes two times. Which is nice because I feel like it's going faster. Oh, I know why, it's because I'm not walking so much! I am not a fan of walking! The next time I step up the training we will run 14 minutes and walk 1 minute and do that two times. THEN after a week of that, 30 minutes of running!!!!!

Now, I might be able to run 30 minutes in a couple of weeks, but I may not be covering 3.1 miles - that is an issue that I'll have to deal with when we get to that point.

Until then, here's to becoming a runner!

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