Thursday, June 26, 2008


Yesterday after work Tom and I met at the Salmon Creek Trail on the Felida end and left my car and went to Klineline in his truck to park it and run the trail. This was my test to see if I could actually do 3 miles of running without stopping. To stop would declare my wimpiness. Evidently I'm no wimp because I made it! We figured it took about 40 minutes - I forgot to bring along my watch, but I think that may have been a good thing as I probably would have been checking times and getting all crazy or something.

The only bad thing about starting where and when we did is the wind. It is always windy on the flat parts and we would be running against it. Also, in the last mile there are several not flat parts and I rather like running routes that are flat. About a month ago I ran a real hill when I decided to run down 151st street to Seward Road and back up Bliss Road. I don't even like riding that on my bike, running it was horrible! But I made it even then. Yesterday once we reached the 3 mile mark it seemed to have come so fast and it was so exciting to actually do it! Training since March has finally paid off and I plan to continue this running thing along with riding. Although, riding will be my main sport of choice, I want to continue running to maintain my current condition and hopefully improve on it.

I'm psyched for Sunday and this Livestrong Event will be even more special. Not a day of training went by that I didn't think about all the stuff I went thru to get to where I am now. Even this last April I decided to make a big step and make a change in my MRI schedule from having scans every 3 months to 6. This is something that I started to consider way back in January after I had gotten a REALLY good look at my MRI films at that, my brain is COOL! Since then I have been feeling really confident about my survivorship and am looking forward to living a long and active life.

Making that decision was easy and hard - easy because I really am tired of going to the doctor and hard because I am always reminded of the fact that the tumor can come back - but it was the best decision I made since committing to run a 5K!

I'm a RUNNER...

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