Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Weird Neighbor

Okay, so we have lived in this house since 1998 and this is bad, but we don't really know our neighbors. We are nice to each other and give each other a wave as we drive past one another, but that is about it. I guess we are people that like to keep to ourselves...just maybe.

So this picture is our neighbor, Brian, who lives across the street from us and thru years of observation we have found that he likes to mow his field in the late hours of the day no matter what time of the mowing season it may be...the later in the day the better seems to be his motto. Once a few years ago he was mowing AT NIGHT...it was dark and how on earth would you know where you have already mowed? His tractor does not sport a headlight or a muffler for that matter, so we could hear him mowing to his hearts content. Tom had had it one night and actually went across the street, somehow got his attention and asked him to not mow anymore (come to find out the noise ordinance goes into affect after 10pm). It's been a few years since then and we still hear him out there around 9:00, but that's okay. If he plays by the rules we stay happy.

Another odd thing about him is that he seems to mow in a very random pattern, well, there is no pattern really. It's like he just likes to drive around and around and hopefully he'll cut some grass in the process. He certainly will not win any landscaping awards. Oh, he never finishes mowing so it always looks awful!

A couple of days ago I noticed him out mowing early in the afternoon - which was shocking in itself. It didn't take long to figure out why, a political sign was being placed on his property. Joy. At the time I thought that I should get a picture of this to document that he is capable of mowing in the daytime hours before 5PM, but I wanted to finish my errands and put the task on hold until my return. I should have taken the picture then, when I came back...not even thirty minutes later...he was done and he just mowed around the sign. Weird.

So here we are after dinner time on a weeknight and Brian is happily driving his tractor in circles around his property. He has less than 3 hours to finish mowing.

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