Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bike Commute Week

I decided that this week I would lay off the running and ride to work Tuesday-Friday.

Today, for my ride home, I decided to go via the Salmon Creek Trail. I should have known better, things were not going that great. Well, it wasn't all bad, but really, there are quite a few people that make me a little crazy.

I REALLY like it when people just DRIVE. Instance, I'm coming down HDA and I'm naturally in the bike lane because that is the right thing to do. At the intersection just past Faith Baptist Church I see a small pick-up wanting to go south and a van that wants to go north - same direction that I am going in. Well, this guy was a total idiot and me not knowing what he might do I was going slower than usual waiting for the ding dong to go past...where I turn off comes quickly after making the turn off Hazel Dell Ave and if I can get thru with no traffic that is a good day! Not today...I should have known.

Going to the trail....people are either blocking the road in their stupid loser car while visiting with a person that is not in the car...on the trail we have all sorts of people just all over the place a mom with several children and absolutely no control. I came up on a couple that happened to be running - they may have been together. It is hard to tell since the dog that was running after the woman and in front of the guy (and they were not close to each other) was on a leash, BUT no one had a grip on the other end. I guess that fulfills the leash law, sort of. Another couple were walking together, but each were on a cell phone - I hope they were not talking to each other, my gosh, they were standing next to each other. In the middle of the trail!

I don't know, I was really questioning this decision up until I actually left work. That probably was my cue to not ride the trail, but I didn't pay attention.

We'll see what the remainder of the week brings....

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