Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mt Hood Jazz 5K Fun Run

Today was the first Mt Hood Jazz 5K Fun Run. As I was searching for 5K runs to do in the near future I spied this one which I thought would be fun to do after doing a 65 (71) mile ride the day before.

I was feeling pretty good after a good night's rest, going to bed at 7:30 last night, and was hoping to do pretty well. Unfortunately I did not count on the humidity to be a factor - and I was feeling sapped after mile 1! Even with 3 walk breaks and taking both water breaks we still did better than Livestrong and finished strong - 36:40 (11:48 mile). Not bad! We'll be training a little more after we are done with our August cycling events for the Gresham Jazz 5K on October 12.

Getting Ready to run... Post Run...non-sweaty clothes...
Corn Dogs!
I'm Hungry!

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  1. Hey Nancy! THank you so much for your prayers, we really appreciate them. James is headed up there on Sunday, but only can stay one night and heads out Monday. We'll keep you updated as best we can on the blog, and I'm sure you hear from Lyla and Lawrie too. Take care and thanks again.


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