Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend of too much FUN

This last weekend was another busy one...this may be the last jam-packed weekend for a while or at least until our vacation in a couple of weeks. Although that promises to be nothing more than hanging out at home and paying attention to neglected home projects.

Morning Ride
Saturday AM I met Kristen for a ride around 8:00 and we rode to the Vancouver Farmer's Market and did a quick walk-thru and then made our way back to our starting point via Fruit Valley / Lakeshore / 36th Avenue which turned out to be a very pleasant 20 mile ride. It was a lot of fun because I got to ride with someone other than Tom. I don't have many choices for cycling partners who are women, so when Kristen mentioned riding I jumped at the opportunity. It's been a while since we last had the opportunity to ride - way over a year or more. Also, all I have really been doing is commuting to work mostly and the organized rides in and around Portland. Hopefully this fall we'll get some Saturday rides in.

Company Picnic
Saturday afternoon we went to Tom's Company Picnic which was at the Oregon Zoo this year - a nice change from all the masses at Oaks Park. I can't even remember the last time we went to a DEA least 4 years! Tom asked if I would be interested and that it would be at the zoo I thought it would be more interesting at least. The day turned out to be pretty nice and we had lunch then walked around for a little while before heading out. I would probably go to this picnic again if they don't change the location for next year. The funny thing is that at the picnic, Tom didn't recognize hardly anyone, just a couple of people! He met up with a fellow geek engineer and they were chit chatting a bit and his buddy said that these people work in their office. I mentioned that they might want to leave the 7th floor every once in a while, there are other people and other departments within the David Evans world.

Portland Century
I don't know what happened between last year and this year, but I thoroughly did not enjoy this ride. First I forgot my computer, so that was a huge let down AND the sports drink that I had ready to go....well I remember having it in my hands at one point, but it never made it to my gear tub.

Also, it is official, I am NOT in love with the Springwater Corridor, I don't even like it. It's a long bumpy trail and even a carbon bike doesn't help dampen the roughness of the path. There are too many approach roads that we had to slow down for and many cross overs at streets. The first 18 miles were so bumpy and unpleasant and tiring that by the time we got to the rest stop I was pretty much spent. Not totally, but enough to leave me with a poor attitude.

I did not take much advantage of the first rest stop except for the porta-potty and I was pretty excited to be using this one for the handicap which is quite roomy, but once I stepped foot in it and took a look at the toilet, I was done....I am not THAT desperate! Can you say Porta-Poopie? SO GROSS, I don't think that one was sufficiently serviced before being put in use especially since there could not have been THAT many people using it to cause that sort of mess. I went back to the line, informed the gal that was next and she was grateful for the tip...and promptly took my place back at that spot in the line-up for a less gross porta-potty.

The next part of the ride to the next rest stop was about 10 miles which went pretty easy and I was feeling pretty good still - we were actually on the road in traffic instead of trying to avoid being broadsided, we got to ride WITH traffic! Always a good thing. Got to the next rest stop and had a slice of pizza after using real FLUSH toilets and then made our way back on the course. Once we reach Marine Drive I was feeling the full extent of my tiredness and the wind was not helping. So my attitude sunk even further and I was just not having a good time at all. The last rest stop at Smith & Bybee Lakes was a welcome sight and I was able to regain a little bit of my sunken spirit to make it back to PSU which would be more than 7-10 miles or so - a piece of cake!

After spying the line for the gourmet salmon lunch provided by Madison's Grill, which was at least 150 people deep, we decided that we were not THAT hungry, so we grabbed one "goody bag" and headed back to the car at Tom's office. After a quick change into clean non-cycling specific clothing we went home.

Pizza Break

Still in good spirits...

You would think that doing so much to this point - a 20 mile ride Saturday for me, the zoo and then the 50 mile Portland Century - we would actually relax at home. Nope, we had concert tickets to see Lulu LaFever at Bethany. The only problem with that plan was that it started to rain and we were to go with Matt & Kristen. The sprinkles that came about mid-afternoon had turned into rain so after a couple of phone calls Tom and I went over to Matt & Kristen's and we had our picnic dinner and some wine in their backyard, under the patio! It was great to spend some time with them and catch up with recent happenings. You would think that I would have been disappointed by not going to the concert, but it was nice to hang out and relax with some good friends talking about cycling and cycling and more cycling. Well it wasn't all cycling, but they are a unique couple in our circle of friends - in that they both ride road bikes - and they are pretty laid back with a couple of really great kids. We certainly have enjoyed their friendship during the past almost 4 years that they have been here.
Kristen & I in her kitchen...

It's amazing that the month has gone by so quickly. Tom and I haven't been to church all of this month so far and he has decided that we will spend the remaining Sunday away from church and make up our own ride to end our month of Sunday Cycling Events - and one running event. It will be good to get back and worship with our church family, I've been missing my friends!

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