Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This is simple. I don't really like movies - Tom really does. When we first started dating and Tom came home for a weekend from whatever project he was working on it was almost a sure thing that we would go to the movies - UGH. For a while Tom would go to the movies with a couple of friends from church - two women friends. They would go to all the action films that came out or whatever. I never minded because I just didn't care for going to the movie theater. Sometimes if we had rented a film, I either go do something else or promptly fall asleep during the movie. That is how interested I have been in movies. I'm getting better though, my interest is actually developing.

A couple of weeks ago I finally figured out who had been putting the Netflix movies into our outgoing mail at work and that peaked my interest. After a brief conversation with the guy I found out that this Netflix thing is a pretty cool deal...for a small monthly fee movies will be sent to my home AND come in the return envelope that is postage paid already. No more browsing around the store for a movie, which we usually don't find anything worth renting and no more calls from the video store with "friendly" reminders to return the movies that we have had for a day or two longer than allowed.

The 2 week trial period which only included 2 movies just ended this week and Tom is thinking that we should already upgrade from the basic, basic plan to the unlimited, one movie at a time plan. For 9.99 per month - that is a slick deal and we know that we'll get the movies that we want AND know that the movie will be available.

I could get into this movie thing and really make the rental plan pay off!

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