Monday, September 15, 2008

Vacation Day #1

I'M ON VACATION!!!!! I'm only a little excited - it's good too because Tom will spend at least 3 days at home instead of having to go back to work on Wednesday as he first thought. We'll take the extra days off for sure!

Time to RIDE
We started the day with coffee and then got ready to go for a ride to the Industrial Area - which was untended for the most part. We had hoped to get onto the trail that should go all the way to Marine Park, but there was construction next to Beaches Restaurant and the sign suggested to continue on the other side which we never found. It was a stressful ride with all the big trucks up and down Columbia. We turned around and found our way to the new land bridge that goes over SR 14 which was quite cool. From there we made our way back home thru downtown Vancouver and then back out thru Felida.
The Old Apple Tree
Tom in front of the Old Apple Tree Look out point at the top of the bridge

Garden Boxes
It's been more than 4 or 5 years since we have had any kind of garden and I have been missing it. I asked Tom if we could make some garden boxes for a garden next Spring and he thought it would be a good project that we could do together. We made out way to Shur-Way to pick up the materials (which was much less than at Lowe's) and we returned home to get to work on our project. We cut everything and put everything together fairly quickly and tomorrow we'll get them situated in the spot next to the garage.

Getting Ready to cut the sides of the boxesCut pieces of plywood ready for assembly Corner pieces for strength & stability
Here I am with my wearing Tom's ear protective wear.
Ready to drill

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