Sunday, November 09, 2008


Operation Christmas Child 2008

Goal - 350 shoe boxes Actual - 371 shoe boxes

All year long Felida members and regular attenders have been bringing in items (toys, clothes, toiletries etc) for this packing party which took place yesterday, November 8.

The fun part of this event is watching the kids packing boxes for kids that will receive these boxes and how proud they were to present their choices to the volunteers helping to keep things in order. Another fun thing was that even the teenagers were helping out - which is really cool. They could easily be hanging out with their friends, but really, on a rainy day what would their be to do?

We easily reached our goal within the two hours that was alloted to fill the box and we had more stuff leftover, but not enough essential items to continue filling boxes.

Here are a few shots of the morning
Helloooooo Mary!
Me taking a picture of Scott taking a picture of me...

Happy Felida Elves...

Me & Lila Scheer

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