Friday, December 12, 2008

Tree Trimming and General Messy-ness

This week the living room has been in disarray - I'm not exactly the tidiest person around, but I also don't like boxes and non-everyday stuff sitting here and there....I suppose this isn't so bad, but it bothers me when things are out of place and or unusable (notice all the stuff in the chairs)

These are my Hallmark Ornaments...these are the ones that go on the real treeI have a friend who also has a few Hallmark ornaments, but she does not keep the boxes. I guess that's just my weird thing.

Tom even has a collection of Hallmark ornaments that he has selected over the years...mostly trains, planes and automobiles - with the occasional piece of heavy equipment

We use this artificial tree for his

Even Mr. Decaf has a tree, but it's easy - it's a patio tree that already has lights and
there is ONE ornament

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