Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cycling Season Comes Early

Earlier than usual for a couple of reasons - first, I have started training for the Duathlon and second, Robin now has a road bike which has been a very exciting thing for all of us! A newbie, easily corrupted into the cycling illness that I think all people should fall into ;) Tom mentioned to Mark in an email that we would be riding this morning and that was changed to Mark and Robin joining us at noon for a ride around our area.

I always enjoy riding and usually it is just Tom and I, but having another couple that we have been friends with for so long to ride with is a pretty sweet deal. Even more fun to help a new roadie break in a new bike! Nothing like a new ride no matter who it belongs's just plain exciting! Riding with other people is a good way to improve and to challenge ourselves, so I'm glad that a couple of my favorite people are both roadies now!

I have to say that this really is the earliest that we have gotten out for a road rides. The weather has been so great - a little on the cool side, but dry. Tom and I rode on Monday which was a nice start to the week and I managed to get a couple of lunch rides in this week also. I'm feeling pretty good and still hold out hope that we'll ride the 45 mile route of the Worst Day Ride on February 15, but I'm not going to hold my breath. We'll see how things go until then.

The surprise of the day was that it started snowing a couple of miles from Starbucks - SNOW! I'm pretty sure that the motorists were thinking we were nuts, but when we left there was no hint of snow and I rather it didn't snow. It does make a good story though. Fair weather riding? I don't think so.

On 179th Street - Tom had an opportunity to stop and take a couple of photos as he bombed thru the light before it turned red.

STARBUCKS - the best part of any ride! Back home again...notice the snow in my hair.


  1. I have not ridden a bike in so long. Thanks for this post. Very inspirational. Hello from Arkansas.

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