Sunday, January 04, 2009

Weekly Photos

December 29, 2008 - January 4, 2009

I have recently bought a scrapbooking magazine - for two reasons, 1. Things were getting a little slow at work and I wanted something to flip thru pretty easily - pictures are always good 2. I needed some fresh ideas that might be doable for me. Being creative with documenting our activities is just not that easy. I like looking at the magazines and the examples at the shops, but somehow those skills elude me.

In this particular issue, there was this whole things about scrapbooking a picture for every day of the year...interesting. I decided that to try and make that a doable reality by posting the photos on this blog just so that I have them, just in the off chance I decide to actually do the scrapbook with these particular photographs.

December 29, 2008 - On Christmas Day I still had not figured out what to give to my friend Cathy - so I went thru my quilt projects in hopes that there would be something that I could finish up for her. I found this pretty table runner that I pieced together and quilted a couple of years ago. All it needed was the binding...I got to work that afternoon and finished stitching the binding on December 29. I have a knack for starting projects and then stopping because it gets to the point that I have to get creative - in most cases it is because I have to quilt it. For some reason this one was much further in the process.
December 30, 2008 I made arrangements to go to Cathy's house and to give my gift to her. I think she liked it. December 31, 2008 Tom gave me a grill pan for Christmas and I used it for the first time. It's pretty cool!January 1, 2009 - We didn't do much on New Years Day, but we did make it to Starbucks. January 2, 2009 - I didn't realize until I was ready to leave the house that it had snowed over night. That was a little bit of a surprise, but I was okay with that since I had the day off and didn't really need to be anywhere at any particular time. January 3, 2009 - getting things back to normal. We spent the majority of the day getting the Christmas stuff packed up and put away. Here is Tom taking the lights off the tree and chopping it up as he went along. Better than having me try to lend a hand in schlepping the tree out the door! January 4, 2009 - It has been quite chilly and we went for a run after church and I was still cold! I asked Tom if he would get a fire going so at least it wouldn't be freezing in the living room. I wonder what it is like to live in a house that is set up with a heat system. (nice that I could get my figure in the photograph!)

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