Thursday, March 05, 2009


I'm in countdown mode to my week off from work! I don't have any plans for my week off, but I do know that going to work is not happening. Actually, I have a wine shipment coming and it will be shipped next week. EVERY single time I'm off work, my wine gets delivered - well, not every time, but half the time. So I'll have to drop by the office (in stealth mode) to pick it up, if I'm lucky UPS will come before lunch and I can sneak in while everyone is out!

Depending on how the weather turns out Tom may be showing me how to get to his office via bicycle...that should be interesting. Then I could ride to his office whenever the mood strikes - I am having a hard time seeing that happen, but who knows I might. We also plan to go to the coast and visit Cranky Sue's for lunch - BEST Crab Cakes...hands down! This will be Tom's first time at CS, I've been there a few times with my bud Robin. I'm drooling just thinking about it.

There are still 8 hours plus some minutes left of work for me and believe me I'm going to be counting down every single minute that goes by! I am so ready to not be here, people are starting to drive me crazy!

I think I will bike commute tomorrow - should be decent.

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