Monday, March 09, 2009


Today was Day 1 of vacation away from work. Don't have plans to do anything special, but just hang out and chill and not think about work stuff.

Tried to run this morning, but it was a little cold and made it hard to breathe so we cut is way short and did about 2 miles total. I'll go back out on Wednesday and see if I can get 3 miles in.

Tom and I went to Cannon Beach to have lunch at Cranky Sue's and both had the crab cake platter. It was as good as I remember from my trip with Robin last June! Really, they are the best! Very crabby and very good. I also wanted to introduce Tom to the Sleepy Monk for coffee, but they were closed :( So we stopped at Center Diamond and I found a really easy pattern for a table runner that I could easily make in one day - another project to work on!

The weather was definitely crazy today with snow coming down during different times of the day and even on our drive home there was still snow spittin'...

Tomorrow Tom and I will ride to his office so that I'll know how to get there if I choose to do so...via bike? We'll see.

Another famous self-portrait...

We finally arrive at Cranky Sue's

Mmmmm, crabby cake

The alternative to the Sleep Monk Coffee Shop

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