Monday, April 06, 2009

Good Start To...

...cycling season! I am hopeful that the days of bundling up as pictured above will soon be behind us. There is something so liberating about not having to wear the long pants and multiple layers - I feel like I go so much faster when I can just go with shorts and a jersey. Spring and Summer cycling will indeed produce less in the way of cycling clothes going into the wash.

Had a couple of great rides over the weekend and today, once I pack the backpack, I'll be off on my bike to work! Have logged just over 400 miles on my bike already this year, I'm really excited to ride to work now! 400 miles is more than double what I rode last year at this time...this year is going to be a really awesome cycling year! Tom and I will be well on our way to that century later this Summer.

The Rock Star prize goes to Robin for actually making it up Corbin Street/Road Hill yesterday afternoon - I think with only one stop. Even though my bike sports a compact crank the hills are still not easy - and since I didn't want to break the momentum, I kept going and waited at the top and cheered Robin on. She's a trooper for following me...yesterday and on Saturday. Yesterday was fun because the men were with us. It was a good afternoon of fellowship and riding - partly to celebrate Mark's birthday, but also it had been awhile since our last ride together as a grupetto. I have enjoyed the few rides that we have gone on together and now I am I am itchin' for an organized ride, the Worst Day Ride was too long ago now - Monster Cookie Metric Century here we come!

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