Monday, April 20, 2009

Monthly Mileage

So I was pokin' around My Cycling Log today and checking out what I have done so far this year as far as cycling goes...I have done more than double what I rode last year at this time. A lot of that is probably because I got the crazy notion that I should probably train for the Duathlon rather than hope that I can do it.

More miles = more maintenance on my bike. I'm a bad bike owner...haven't cleaned and lubed the chain in almost a month! My bike is starting to make noises that it has not been making before and I am reluctant to bring it in to be looked at because we have a couple of rides coming up that I would rather ride the Fuji than the Trek. I'll have to wait until May to take it in - by then I think I'll have the 1000 miles logged since the last tune up in September.

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