Friday, August 21, 2009


Have been feeling a good deal of sadness this week. The wife of one of our BC's passed away unexpectedly this week. There is definitely a different feel in the atmosphere around the station, but then it could just be me. Any kind of sadness seems to really affect me anymore.

My connection with Julie goes beyond the fact that her husband is a co-worker, but not so much that we were "friend" friends. More than acquaintances though, maybe friendly acquaintances...hmmm.

Julie was so outgoing and gregarious, which has been said by a few others also. Whenever we would run into each other at the store or coffee shop it was just a boost just to experience her inner beauty. She would call the station quite often while her hubby was working and we would end up chatting for a couple of minutes before I would transfer her on (a hazard of my job, talking to people...the spouses more specifically). There are a few of the wives that I have gotten to know because of work, but it seems that I have had more opportunity to connect with her over the last few years. The last time I saw Julie was a few weeks ago at Starbucks while visiting with my friend Cathy. She and her mister were walking up and she came over and had given me a hug...and visited with us for a couple of minutes before heading out for their big day together. It was just little things like that...she was just so sweet. I will miss those phone calls and visits at Fred Meyer or Starbucks or Target.

She leaves behind two boys also. They are young teens - young men, who will go through the rest of their growing up years without their mom. I was told that she lavished love on them all the time...something that they will miss for sure. I hope they continue to love like she did.

The past couple of days have felt so unreal and I've been doing a pretty good job at keeping it together. Have had calls from neighboring fire departments offering condolences (which is hard) and support. Once the memorial has come and gone, but I don't think that memories of Julie will fade so quickly - that's just the kind of person she was. Memorable.

Wishing I had the opportunity to get to know her better, but thankful that I got to know her at all.

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