Sunday, December 20, 2009

Final Tribute...finally

The last couple of weeks have been quite long and trying to stay in the spirit of the season has been a chore. It has been two weeks since learning that Ricky was killed in an accident, but the reality had not sunk in until yesterday afternoon.

The memorial that was planned over the last couple of weeks finally came and it was a nice tribute to two "brothers" in this family. The stories were plenty and the tributes were heart wrenching. Lots of laughter and some tears. My tears (along with many others from FD6) came from the last ringing of the bell and the last call for Rick. That was the moment when his death became so real.  The department as a whole now has closure and we can all move on and heal from this tragedy. Life at the station will not be the same, that's a given.

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The funerals and memorials that I have attended in the past always had such a great salvation message filled with hope and this is where all of my sadness for this family comes in. I felt no comfort or hope for those family members that are left behind. I am sad, from all that I could tell, that they do not hold on to the same hope that I have in Jesus. Thinking about the long road of healing ahead, I wonder where they will find their comfort. I'm thankful that Jesus is my salvation and that one day I'll stand before Him and be in awe of His glory.....

What a gift!

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