Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Good Deal...

Tom has a thing for good deals...today he went off to run a couple of errands - which included the "rescue" of his dress shirts from the dry cleaners which has nothing to do with the errands or good deal, but I was amused that he actually said rescue.

ANYWAY - he is off doing his thing and I'm messing around on the computer, killing time and all because I'm on VACATION. 30 minutes go by and he arrives home again announcing that he got a tree...a FREE tree...as in Christmas tree! I, of course, was a little confused because we have a tree already so I had to take a look to see this tree. I grabbed the camera and the phone (gotta call Robin to tell HER the exciting news) and wouldn't you know it, there is a free christmas tree. Tom was pretty funny because he said "Well you wanted to put something in the backyard to make it look nice." I was thinking more of an electrified type thing, but hey...FREE TREE!

My proud hunter-gatherer...of FREE things.

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