Friday, February 12, 2010

What Country Do YOU Come From?

After reading Renee's post about the Flag Page that we learned about at the Laugh Your Way video seminar I decided what the heck and did my own Flag Page.

I like me a pie chart! Check it out (click pic). If you took a look you might have noticed that my "Showman" Talents did not register. Does that mean I'm not that entertaining? Hmmm... 

I am a citizen of Perfect Country with Peace Country as my go to place when things are in disarray in the homeland. I like Control next and for some reason Fun was last. I knew that Fun wouldn't be first because that would be too chaotic for me, but LAST?!

Anyway, here is my flag page...kinda wishing that my flag was a little more colorful.

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  1. Love it! That was the best marriage seminar I have ever seen. And FYI- I think you are VERY entertaining...that's why I love all your blogs. :)


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