Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Gum, candy et al...

Yeah so when a gum and candy tax went into affect in our home state of Washington...I decided that was stupid. So much that I have not bought any gum OR candy since then. I think it's been a month. However, living across the river from Portland makes gum & candy purchase a little less maddening. One trip to Performance Bikes at Mall 205 and BOOM I'm back with gum! I have to admit, I haven't really missed it so much. I figure I'm saving $$ by being annoyed by this tax.

This morning I made a pit stop at Safeway to get a few grocery items before work and I spied...

Actually, it's not like it jumped out at me, but I hadn't noticed it before. This is an Italian confection that I have seen on Everyday Italian...it's chocolate fill with Hazelnuts and wrapped in foil with a cute little note. Did I mention this is chocolate? Oh my...so very good! A box of 10 pieces is on sale right now for 3.99...from 7.99(!)

Yeah, I'll pay the tax on this treat...it's worth it!

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