Saturday, September 25, 2010

One thing leads to another...

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This summer we got some projects done around the house...nothing terribly huge like a bathroom remodel, but still, little projects that make our home a little more visually appealing. It started with in the kitchen go HERE.

Then last week Tom decided that the old wavy roof covering over our back steps was getting bad so we went and got the supplies to do that. Oh, and before that I had this idea that I wanted to put up drapes between the Living Room and Dining Room - which now are (respectfully) the yoga studio and little TV room. I am hoping that we will be able to better heat the smaller space while we are watching DVD's in that room and not have to heat the WHOLE space. We'll see how that turns out this winter.

Oh, since Tom fixed the roof thing, he decided that the rail should be repaired lest someone grabs hold and then falls over because it was rotted.

It seems that the back entry is the project du jour and now the concrete slab should be repoured since it has been covered with a piece of plywood.

Home Improvement abounds!

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