Wednesday, November 24, 2010


With tomorrow being Thanksgiving and all I thought I would list some stuff I'm thankful for...

My goofy husband - This year has been a very challenging year, but probably the best year that we could have ever think to have. Challenging in that Tom's job has been iffy for the past year - the flip side is that we have spent more quality time together and we have had a fun year and enjoyed many activities together - without all the work stress. Although a little work stress still creeps in here and there, but not as much as in years past. We celebrated our 19th Wedding Anniversary this past September...I can't believe how fast time has gone by! I can't imagine being with anyone else.

My job - I've been with the fire district for 16 (almost 17) years. With all the junk that has happened around here in the last couple of years it is hard to be thankful for this place, but I always have to remember that God meant this to be a blessing for us - and it has been. When I was offered this job I wasn't even looking for a job, I was happy temping at different places from week to week. So when this came up I decided why not...a regular job with benefits, that's a novel idea! It's hasn't been easy and there have been all sorts of changes along the way and a whole lot of ugliness in the more recent past, but I'm thankful that they like to keep me around, I mean really, how am I going to keep up my cycling habit?

My Health: I am six years past my diagnosis and now I am in a place that I didn't think would be possible. Annual MRIs, annual visits with my oncologist and neurosurgeon.

My Friends: Yeah, these people are a few of my favorite people...we have so much fun together! I don't know what I would do without the any of them. I can count on them to be there whenever I'm feeling a little blue or when I feel like celebrating - they are the best!

My CAT: Decaf makes the daily grind even more fun with his little antics. He has a really great personality and he might be just a cat, but he's our fun-loving little lug!

GOD IS GOOD - I give thanks to Him daily for the blessings of this life that we live.

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