Friday, February 18, 2011


Okay, so let's say that you are a bike commuter. You live relatively close to your work and so you carry what you need in a backpack and schlep it to work on your BACK...hence the need for a BACKpack. Anyway, so you carry your clothes for the day, cell phone, money and other little things. You don't want to carry too much, that would be silly. So, you get going one morning and have a pretty decent ride to work. You park your bike...get ready to take a shower and get ready for your work day.

Only, when you get into your locker - which locks, but isn't THAT secure - you find out that your bath towel is missing. Actually, that would be two. What would you feel at that moment when you realize that you do not have a bath towel?

Well, that's something that happened to me 3 or 4 years ago.Carrying a towel in the backpack would be doable, but if I don't have to I'm not gonna. I went into a minor panic...that's what I did. I immediately went looking for someone who might be able to help me with my dilemma. Fortunately, they found some newly delivered shop towels from the linen company that would just have to do for this particular day.

Yeah, my towels were taken. I thought they were know, like stolen. They weren't stolen. They were re-purposed into shop towels (kind of ironic that I was given shop towels as replacements). My bright yellow bath towels were both used to wipe up something greasy....

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Why would anyone think that's okay?

Okay, so fast forward to just about a month ago. I have since been invited to use what is now the "ladies" bathroom in the main building instead of using the shop area shower/bathroom...(thanks Kristan). I store my personal items in a locker just outside that bathroom. You know typical stuff, make-up, hair dryer, brush and other accoutrements. Anyway, I arrive at work after a visit to the gym and get my stuff all ready to go, take my shower - I have my towel so all is well. Until I pull my hair dryer out of my personal toiletry bag and see that it has been dropped and where the cord comes out of the handle, yeah, it's cracked and broken. Someone got INTO my bag and did something with my hair dryer that caused it to break and then they put it back INTO my bag and back INTO my locker - which is clearly labeled with my name on the door. Go figure.

Ooh, but wait, the whole getting into stuff that doesn't belong to you doesn't just end with bathroom related items. Let's talk food. Yes, food. I noticed last summer that someone had been snacking on my cheese, granted it was fake-o cheese slices, but still...I had brought in for my veggie patties that I had for lunch and other sandwiches. Yes, seriously...eating food that belongs to someone else. After that little supply was depleted, I didn't buy anymore cheese to put into the mini-fridge in the Ready Room. That lasted until about a few weeks ago and I decided I wanted some cheese to snack on. So silly me, forgot about the whole cheese incident from last year and left my cheese sticks in the mini-fridge....

You know what happened - 

Over the next few days my cheese disappeared. What really killed me was the fact that I had stashed my cheese in the drawer of the fridge (both times). Fine. I did another "test" just a couple of weeks ago and sure enough, my cheese was disappearing quicker than I was eating it. I don't keep cheese at work anymore or any other food for that matter. Anything on my desk is fair game, but I haven't been putting anything out on my desk much in the last 6 months.

Are you getting the sense of the boundary issues I have been experiencing at work?

So this week Tom drops me off at work after a visit to the gym and I get all situated in the bathroom, get ready to take a shower and open the door to the shower and find that I have no shampoo. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! My shampoo bottle was totally I would have remembered using all of my shampoo, so really...where did it go? I had to steal some from someone else (Sorry Kristan).

There was a moment that I THOUGHT that I might be a little crazy, but that thought in itself is crazy.

I just don't get when it became okay to get into stuff that belongs to other people. Whatever happened to respecting other people's property? It's not like I'm an ogre or something - ask me to use something and I'll say okay...need some shampoo, sure have a squeeze or two. Are you hungry? Oh hey, I have some food that I am willing to share. Wanna use my nice fluffy bath towel(s) to wipe up grease, yeah, I'm saying NO to that. Just don't assume it's okay, right?

Yeah, I'm a little annoyed...

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