Monday, April 04, 2011

Candles Anyone?

Mr. Decaf checking out the new biz...
A couple two three weeks ago I took the plunge and decided to start up a PartyLite Biz. Having experienced a reduction of household income, earning some extra cash by running a website business seemed like a good deal. Of course my first Open House needed to be rescheduled, so my debut is coming slow...

Did you catch that PartyLite is expanding business opportunities to include internet sales? It's true! It's a pretty cool opportunity to get into and I'm excited to get into this now. This is a brand new thing and not widely known, it seems. There will of course be in-home parties and I hope to do a party here and there, but my main focus is to make a go with the website. This is something that I have been thinking of doing - in retirement. Why not start now right? 

The benefits of PartyLite via web sales...

1. Shopping in the comfort of your own home - so, get comfy and check out what's new.

2. There are some really great Internet Specials that are not available at in-home parties - these specials can save you up to 60% and include all sort of items!

3. Orders ship directly to your doorstep! No waiting for your order to come through the person who hosted the party - so easy!

If you have never experienced PartyLite Candles before, they are the best candles on the market that are made here in the United States. PartyLite puts all of their products through rigorous testing to make sure that they offer the very best product for their customers.

April's Frangrance is Sea Salt & Drift Wood available in tealight, votive, mini barrel jar and scentplus melts.

To start shopping for specials and see the new items go to my website HERE

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