Friday, October 07, 2011

September Happenings..

It seems like I may have fallen off the face of the earth in September - it was a busy month. A little stressful here and there, but mostly busy.
I started the month with a Triathlon on the 4th and actually did MUCH better on the swim than my first tri in June. That was my happy moment of the weekend! Go to See Nancy Run-Ride-Run (and Swim) to check out my thoughts on that HERE

Tom and I celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary on the 14th with a trip to Long Beach. My thought was to do something kind of nice like a Bed & Breakfast and it looked like we could have been heading that way, but things booked up over night and I was completely discouraged trying to find another place. Tom decided to "make things right" and started looking for places to stay. We went FUNKY. Funky as in vintage RV trailers. We were sure what to expect at first, but it turned out to be pretty cool.
The place is called Sou'Wester and there are probably a dozen trailers sitting on this property all vintage (old) and ready for weekend get-aways. They also had camp spots and RV hook ups available.
Our "home" for two nights was a 1951 Boles-Aero and it wasn't half bad. The mattress, along with everything else, was vintage. Cozy you might say. I would have to say that it was the best trailer there! We had a choice between having hot water or heat. Since the evening was a bit chilly, we chose heat and flipped the switch. We figured that we would take a shower in the annex area next to our trailer the next morning. There is also a "lodge" which seems more like an old hotel than anything and they had all sorts of interesting things to look at throughout the area where we were allowed to explore.
This particular weekend was also the Rod Run weekend so there were lots of muscle cars and other vintage cars going up and down 101 through Long Beach. Since we brought our bikes we were able to just park the car and get around on the bikes.

I had discovered Long Beach Coffee Roasters and the new and improved quilt shop as well as the bakery that my cousin said has these delectable pastries called Devil Dogs. OH MY...he was not kidding!

The weekend was fun and it was nice to get out of town and be on our bikes AND have really great weather!

We also visited the Oregon Zoo. Ever since I found out that they would have these new predator cats call Caracal's I had to go see them. I kind of forgot about them until a couple of weeks ago when Tom suggested we go to the zoo for the day.

These little guys were so much fun to watch - running around with their mama and playing. Fun!

Here we are into October and we are almost a 1/3 of the way through the month. We have another busy weekend ahead of us, but I hope to update you on our weekend before another couple of weeks or month goes by!

Check out the other things we have been doing by going to my shutterfly site HERE.

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