Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Almost Like Being in a Subdivision!

In December I suggested that we take a walk to check out the lights in the Autumn Trace Neighborhood. It felt like we were part of the neighborhood just having a new road that is directly across the street from our house -
This picture is from our Living Room - at the end of July
At first I was none to happy about idea of 19 new houses across the street, actually I'm still not that thrilled, BUT the road...the road I LOVE!

For a couple of reasons, when we run, it's safer than running on the fast road in front of our house just to get around the corner AND there is easy access to Bliss Road now a much easier way to get across traffic as I go to work :) Even better for bike commuting!

There has been progress new street lamp posts (nice ones) have been put in and we are wondering when the houses will be starting to pop up. It seems like around here that's what happens..one day nothing the next day "Oh look new neighbors." Okay, so that's a little extreme, but it seems like it doesn't take long for these new homes to be built.

We'll see how things go, it is the end of January and not the ideal time for new construction!

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