Sunday, April 01, 2012

More Pretty Stuff

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A few weeks ago Mary & I hosted a Premier Designs Party and we had some fun people come over to "play" dress up with some really pretty stuff!

It seems that accessorizing has become a fun thing for me. I have not been one to wear much in the way of jewelry and really for quite a few years I would usually wear my wedding ring, a watch and earrings.

A few years ago, I attended my first Premier Designs party (hosted by Mary) and I bought one necklace, which I only wore a few times, it mostly just sat on the shelf in the box it came in. The whole accessorizing thing was still quite a mystery to me. Now that I'm 3 parties into this jewelry stuff, I'm having loads of fun! So, now that I have had a couple of parties and have a few necklaces to choose from and even some new earrings!

NOW the problem I have is how to store them. Right now I pick out whichever piece I want to wear, take it out of the box then return it to the box at the end of the day.

I googled some pictures of DIY Jewelry Racks and found this nice little number...
Looks like a fun project!  This is made from a silverware organizer and some hooks and a little Krylon. I'm looking forward to getting creative and making a new cubby for my pretty things. SO FUN!

Here's to pretty things!

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