Friday, June 08, 2012

2nd MRI Update and Other Stuff...


MY 2012 MRI SAGA...

April 9 - Annual MRI - which was a total fiasco - ended up at Southwest and not Rebound.
April 30 - Follow-up appointment with Dr. Rokosz - there might be something near my pituitary he will review with the radiologist might need a 2nd MRI
May 1 - Someone from Dr. R's office calls to schedule a 2nd MRI. So we schedule for May 15 :(
May 15 - MRI at Rebound - YAY!
May 18 - Tired of waiting to hear from doctor's office. I call and leave a message.
May 21 - Still waiting - called and left a 2nd message.
May 22 - Now I'm annoyed - called yet again. This time when the automated message saying there are a certain number of calls ahead me, would you like to leave your number for a return call...I press "1" for YES!  A few minutes later I receive a call from Bethany and SHE was able to give me all sorts of information....WE LOVE BETHANY! I was informed that I would receive a call by the end of the day. So, I get a call on my way home from work and ignore it - I don't know the number. I am almost home and I get yet another call on my cell phone, same unknown number - maybe I should answer it. Hmm...oh, it's Dr. R. He informs me that there definitely is something and that he will consult with another Neurosurgeon for their opinion and I will get a call.

May 23 - I decide that I need a mental health day and take some sick leave. Later in the morning I got a call from Rebound and missed it so I return the call and am told that I will need to have lab work done to test my hormone levels.
May 24 - I'm completely confused by this whole  lab work thing and start making phone calls again! I decide on Quest Diagnostics. Call their clinic and get the low down - they are much more user friendly than Rebound and I get all sorts of instructions and information.
May 25 - I make my way over to Quest bright and early and the nice woman sticks me in the arm and take 5 or 6 vials of my precious blood!
June 5 - I'm REALLY tired of waiting and call Rebound and do the whole enter your number trick again...I gotta remember to do that everytime! Bethany calls me back :) I leave a message with her and was told that Dr. R may be in the clinic the following day, if not I would hear from him on Thursday. I hope for Wednesday.
June 6 - Mid-afternoon Dr. R calls to let me know that my tests came back fine and that what I most likely have is a cyst so no treatments to go through. BUT he would like me to go in for another MRI in 3 months.

So tumor!!!

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  1. YAYYY!!! No tumor! Praise God!! And I'm glad after all that waiting and runaround, that it was good news. Definitely makes it easier to deal with, huh?!! Congratulations!!


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