Thursday, July 12, 2012


It is going to be really hard going back to this sort of theater....

After watching a movie in this theater...

So, the last couple of movies Tom and I went to see were both at Cinetopia at Vancouver Mall. The first movie we went to see there was in a Living Room theater - which we thought was pretty cool. Oh - this was a trip with our movie buddies Dan, Dani and Jenni. We were all pretty happy with the experience and thought we should all come back again. That first trip was also with a groupon pass (LOVE groupon!) Then, not but a couple of weeks later another groupon deal came out and I was on that in no time! As were our movie buddies! I really should have purchased the limit of two...the deals are THAT good! The movie that the gang chose this time was the Amazing Spiderman, not my first choice, but hey it's a night out with friends at Cinetopia.

The Movie Parlors are so cool! Smaller and more intimate...very comfortable. I was able to snuggle up next to Tom during the movie - which you just can't do at any old Regal Cinemas. The other great thing about the Movie Parlor's for the over 21 crowd. So anyone who wishes to partake in libation...they will bring it to you!

The movie time was 6:15 so we were able to meet about an hour ahead of time and have some Happy Hour treats in the Lounge located in the theater. The food was good and the portions were perfect. Tom and I had Pork Sliders, French Fries and we each had a Caesar salad. The food was reasonably priced and we all had drink coupons good for beverages up to $5 each. So we saved on the tickets and beverages. Tom and I had our sodas for free - but I did manage to do a tasting of the brews that Melissa, Dani and Dan got before we arrived ;)

Seriously, there is NO turning back! This movie watching thing is becoming more and more fun all the time - especially with our friends who are such a blessing to us!

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