Thursday, June 11, 2015

Future Goals

Well, 6 months have gone by since my last post...hmmm...if you are curious about what I'm doing with my time and what kinds of thought I've got go HERE. what have we been up to? This has been taking up some time...

Veggies from Seed (except for the zucchini)
A few moons ago we used to grow, veggies and more flowers. At one time there were TONS of dahlias...

This was probably was 2003 maybe '04
Then I was diagnosed and lost a lot of interest in tending to the garden so things died out and I didn't feel the desire to plant anything. A few years ago I started to feel like maybe we could start growing stuff again - so I asked for some garden boxes go HERE.

So, here we are 7 years after getting those garden boxes built and I've got me a big ol' dream! Actually, I've been thinking up this dream for a while, but with all the frustration that I'm experiencing with my job and the idea of maybe retiring early, the dream is on a little bit of a fast track...or at least no longer just a thought. 

Until I can officially retire from my job - basically going "early" with a reduced benefit...I am figuring out how to grow stuff! What works...what doesn't. How to grow things in succession and not all at once. More than just growing veggies and flowers I'm thinking of other ways to make our property work for maybe raising chickens and tending bees. I have a little understanding of how chickens that will be fun to really learn how to take care of our own brood of layers. The bee thing will take some research and some work, but I think it would be a fun project. We have also thought about maybe little cows or possible a pig or two. We'll see - the possibilities are fun to think about.

For now I'm concentrating on veggies and flowers and sharing what extra produce with some friends. Now that I have a loose timeline in mind, I'm really enjoying getting out and tending to my little plants and checking out my dahlia sprouts (which are going slow) and just enjoying the outdoors.

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