Friday, September 15, 2006

Napa Valley Part II

We have arrived home today from our vacation to the Napa Valley. What an awesome trip!

When we made our first trip in the Spring we just missed the rains and the vineyards still had evidence of the rain up and down the rows. Hardly any buds during that trip, but it was cool to see what it looks like before there are grapes on the vines almost ready for harvest.

We visited a few new wineries and one that was a favorite from our Spring Trip. The low point was Niebaum-Coppola where it felt like a big production. The guy at the "gate" informed us that even if we just wanted to look around the grounds the fee would still be $25 per person -with or without wine tasting. I smell a rip-off! Steriling in Calistoga was fun with the tram that actually goes to the winery itself. Definitely a tourist spot. There is an "Old Faithful" Geyser in Calistoga to gawk at with other people and fainting goats!

This is the beginning of harvest so we spied grapes in bins that were ready to go to "crush" and even sampled some from the vines.

The end of our time in Napa was pefect as we went to Peju for a food & wine pairing session and after visiting with the Chef and mentioning that is was our 15th Wedding Anniversary that day we were treated with a complimentary bottle of wine and the session was taken care of by the Chef. We were his guests that day. What a great surprise! I highly recommend Peju Province! Great wine and staff!

Napa has good food and wine which we enjoyed so we could have a relaxing time away from home and work. Now we are home and still have a couple of days off before we head back to work.

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