Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend we logged over 70 miles on our bikes. Yesterday was the best non-organized bike ride we have done in a long time. We, along with our friends Matt & Kristen, took off around 9am for coffee in Portland. We crossed the I-5 Bridge and curly-q'd around until we got to the path that would take us on Marine Drive West. We made our way west past the Expo Center and toward Kelley Point Park. We crossed over the main road at one point, and we headed toward the St. John's area of Portland. The streets are lined with trees and lots of cute little houses. At one point Matt had a problem with his bike so Tom stopped to offer help or at least company and Kristen and I rode ahead a little then stopped to wait. As we were waiting I suggested a stop at the St John's Starbucks to see if our friend Dave was working...we did and he was!

He was surprised to see us and then amazed that we rode all that way from our house, 18 miles one way, FOR COFFEE! We enjoyed our coffee beverages and conversation with our friend Dave before heading back home.

This was a good route (a first for Tom and I) and I am pretty sure that Tom and I will go out for "coffee" and check in on our friend Dave from time to time.

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