Saturday, November 24, 2007

Day After Thanksgiving in Wine Country

Yesterday Tom and I went to visit a couple of wineries in the Willamette Valley. We visited Vercingetorix (VX), Brick House Winery and WillaKenzie.

While we really enjoyed all three for different reasons, Brick House Winery is now a new favorite place to visit. This winery really has a brick house and a funky little tasting room with several rooms to explore as you enjoy the wine tastings being offered. The people are so passionate about the wines and will happily answer any question and share about each wine as if they made it themselves.

My new favorite wine would be the Brick House Gamay Noir. While I enjoyed the Pinot Noir's that were also being tasted I wanted to return and taste the Gamay one more time (after making a two bottle purchase) and have another taste. Next year I'm getting my own glass and I'm going to two tastes of Gamay right away!

The day was spent driving to a few Willamette Valley wineries and enjoying the scenery of Washington County and all the farms along the way before heading back home.

So, next time Brick House wines are on a dinner menu...give it a might like what they have to offer!

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