Thursday, November 01, 2007

Naperville Trip

On October 26 Tom and I flew to Chicago to spend the weekend in Naperville with Marcia & Teddy. Tom asked if I would be willing to be listed as a driver for the rental car and I agreed with a bit of anxiety. I ended up driving from the rental car agency near O'Hare to Naperville on very busy expressways which also included a couple of toll stops. The first toll was easy to navigate, but the second...well, I totally missed that one! I asked Tom if I was to take the exit to the toll and he said full speed ahead! Then we passed the toll and realized that I probably should have taken the last exit. Oh well - we'll see how long it takes the State of Illinois to get that 80 cents from us.

We had a good visit...jam packed with activity on Saturday & Sunday. The purpose of this very brief trip was to celebrate Marcia's birthday (which was yesterday, Oct 31).

However, Sunday was the big day...

We had the opportunity to hear Teddy play the organ at the church that employs him - Wheatland Salem United Methodist Church ( Then afterwards we sped along the Expressway to Arlington Heights to drop Teddy off at his Irish Dance Workshop - which he does EVERY Sunday after his church gig. While he was dancing we were having our "Second Breakfast" before heading to the Barnes & Noble next door. The two hours we were waiting went by quickly and we went to pick Ted up from his workshop. On this particular Sunday he skipped out of his regular troupe practice (which lasts until mid-afternoon) and we all went back to Naperville in the afternoon.

Sunday evening, for Marcia's birthday dinner, we decided to try out a place called Hugo's Frog Bar & Fish House. The server informed us that they are known for their crab cakes and frog legs. So, Tom, Mr. Adventurous, decided to try out those frog legs. Oh my...when the entrees were being served his came out on a fairly good sized oval plate with all these little legs just sitting there...pairs of legs with no was quite a sight. There had to be at least a dozen of them if not more. We all had a sample of them - they are okay. Nothing special and yes, they taste a little like chicken. Chicken that lived in water.

It's been over a year since Dan passed away and the house feels different without his presence there...but he had a strong spirit and that is still evident through his family.

Tom relaxing in the Living Room after a day of walking around Naperville.

Here are Teddy, Marcia and I standing near Dan's grave.

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