Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Challenge

Earlier this year Tom and I decided that we would skip out of this year's Livestrong Challenge. The other evening, after our first "run" in a few years, he suggested that maybe we volunteer during the event. After checking out the website, there was no information available for Volunteering, but the 5K caught my eye. Since my diagnosis in April 2004 I focused a lot on riding my bike and I love it, but doing this 5K would truly be a challenge, physically and mentally, and in the end it would be such a huge accomplishment.

This year's Challenge is on June 29 and we will be training pretty regularly until then. After the event I hope to continue running in addition to riding my bike and maybe, just maybe, sign up to do a DUATHLON next Spring. We'll see though, that's almost crazy talk!

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