Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Play Day

Today is another play day for Tom and I. The plan is to go for a ride - probably do the bridges today and then later go to Mt Tabor for stage 2 of the Mt Hood Cycling Classic.

Yesterday we ran and I have to say that it's not as horrible as it was when we started - and I would hope not. I am starting to feel like I can get to 3 miles and I no longer have the do it or die trying attitude - now I feel like I can squeak out a 5K if pressed to do so. Not to say that I am anywhere near 3 miles, but I think that we are almost half there and the training is getting somewhat easier.

Have been trying to get rides in where I can. Rode to and from work last week on Thursday and then came home just to do our scheduled training. I didn't think it would be good, but I did it! So I know now that it is possible to do both one right after another. I might just turn into a multisport gal!

Almost 25 miles

Tom was disappointed to find out that his commute by bicycling is only 20 miles and not nearly the 25 miles that he once thought. He feels rooked that he isn't actually going 50 miles a day. However, he did figure out this week that he'll be reimbursed $6.00 per each day he commutes to work by total commute by bike is 13-14 miles and all I get is a kick the butt.

As much as I love being on my bike and riding to work, the people in the community we live in have not embraced the idea of alternative transportation. They continue to give the lonely cyclist on the road a hard time while driving their big fat loser cars and burning up all that expensive fossil fuel. This is not to say that it is a daily thing, but please people, get off your cell phones, quit eating your breakfast, leave a couple of minutes early for your destination and look out for cyclists!

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  1. This stage was actually Stage 1 - as yesterday was the Prologue to determine rankings for today's race. My bad...


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