Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mt Hood Cycling Classic

Yesterday afternoon we made our way to Mt Tabor for the first stage of the Mt Hood Cycling Classic. It was a criterium with the course length of about 1.2 miles and it is a hilly course. The women raced at 3:30 and rode the circuit for an entire hour. One racer, Jeannie Longo, we would find out later is quite the legend. Turns out she is a 49 year old French cyclist and has won many title throughout the course of her career. Thanks to Mark from Peformance setting us straight on her status!

The men's race started at 5:30 and they were to ride for 90 minutes(!) which is mind-boggling to me, but it was cool.

We had a fun time and met up with some friends (Mark & Matt) from Performance and had a Hopworks Urban Brewery beer courtesy of Justin Gorder - formerly of Performance bikes. It was a fun time hanging out with people we usually only see at the shop.

The start of the women's race

The top 3 of the women's race

Men's Race

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