Monday, May 05, 2008

cycling, running, commuting...

This past weekend was pretty rich with activity - did the RACC on Saturday and then continued with my 5K training yesterday.

Today I rode to work (as did Tom). Okay, so there are plenty of cyclists in and around Vancouver, however, I don't come across many on the roads when I ride to work which would be from Salmon Creek to Hazel Dell a nice almost 8 mile ride due to the fact that a major portion of my route is currently under construction. Stupid bridge over Salmon Creek is being rebuilt. I hate construction. Anyway, as I passed Kline Line I noticed another cyclist ahead of me a little ways and then once I got further up the road there was another ahead of him...could this be my cycling community?

It was a fleeting moment, but semi-exciting as in the past couple of years I had not encountered other cyclists during my morning commute - and of course I am a fair weather rider - now recovered from my allergies and can breathe once again. So my cycling season is usually from April or May until the weather turns ugly.

The next big challenge will be to ride to and from work and then RUN. Ugh. My legs were pretty upset with me on Saturday since we just ran the day before and man my legs were tired. Friday I plan to ride to and from work and then train for the 5K. I have all week to psyche myself up!

Life is GOOD!

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