Saturday, May 03, 2008

RACC 2008 - 25th Annual Ride

Today was the 25th ride of the Ride Around Clark County. Couldn't get anyone from last year to ride due to other commitments (work, traveling - blah blah blah), but still bumped into some familiar faces. FD6's LN curtis rep lives here in the Couve and was riding along with the North River Racing people, but when we met up again at Lacamas Lake he decided that they would kill him so he ended up riding the 65 mile route solo. We also encountered another Fed Hwy person from so long ago and of course, Matt & Kristen and Kristen's sis and her husband.

The route goes past the house that I spent Middle School & High school in AND my neighbors from back then STILL live next door. So we had to make a pit stop and say hey to them.

Since we didn't have to wait for other people we rode our pace and made it to the finish in two and half hours, just over actually.


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