Friday, July 11, 2008

Six to Sunset Concerts

Last night was the first concert of the Six to Sunset concert series so Tom, Jenni and I all met up at Esther Short Park. I rode my bike to the park and it was not without problems...I flatted not far from my office and then threw my chain about 1/2 mile from there...not good. The evening was good though after I got some food in me I was feeling better and ready to enjoy some good people watching!

Watching the kids jumping and dancing around is always good for some smiles and watching the group from the special needs group is alway entertaining...they have fun though so it's fun to watch. Then there are a few adults who think that they are pretty good on the dance floor and look good too.

The concert was nearing the end and I have been happily enjoying the music and the scenery...then I saw her. Not fat, not totally in shape or fashionable for that matter - wearing a long blue skirt and a skinny-minnie tank top - and a little exposed POT-BELLY! My goodness, once you catch sight of something as such it's hard to stop looking or staring in my case...little did I know that Jenni had caught the same sight about the same time that I did! We agreed that pot-bellies on women are just plain wrong! It might have been okay if the shirt was pulled down some, but then I surmised that if the shirt was longer anyway, there would not be a problem. After Jenni & I discussed this for a couple of minutes Tom caught up with us and he was sufficiently grossed out. It really was hard to not look. It gets better...the more she moved and shook her hips the more the skirt started to slip down...can you say THONG? OMG...enough said.

Where are Stacy & Clinton from What Not to Wear when you need them?

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