Thursday, July 31, 2008

winged creatures...

I have had bad luck with creatures that FLY. More specifically, Bats. There have been 3 separate occasions since we moved into our house that we have had bats in the house and if you ask me that is 3 too many occasions!

The first one happened while Tom had traveled to Alaska for a project - this just figures! I was sitting in our TV room watching something fascinating (I'm sure of it) and something came flitting into the room, then circled the room and then out the door again. It was far too big for a fly I knew that much, but it moved slower than a bird (we have had issues with birds, but that is a future post). So naturally, right away I'm on edge. Well, now I can't risk this thing coming into the room again so I close the door - that was short lived. I realized that at some point I am going to have to leave that room and perhaps go to bed or whatever. So I start walking around the house looking for this thing - well after another pass I figured out it was a bat - YIKES! What the heck?!

Quickly I start to think of people to call. The only time that I really need to get a hold of someone and NO ONE answer the phone! I called all the families that I felt totally comfortable with and no one was home! That's just my luck - Tom is out of town and evidently all of our friends are away from their homes. Luckily I had gotten a hold of a friend of ours that lives he said he would be over in a few minutes.

In the mean time I successfully got stuck in the coat closet. Where do you go to avoid flying creatures? Well the coat closet of course. The door knobs on our old doors don't always work and this was the one time that they didn't...just my luck! So I start twirling that stupid thing and thinking I need to get out of that stupid closet because Jim will be over soon and the back door is LOCKED. Yes, anything that could possibly go wrong did - here I am in a panic and twirling that door knob like a mad woman. After what seems like an eternity I get the door open, prayer really does work in times of panic, try it sometime. Fortunately Jim hadn't arrived yet so I had some time to poke around the house to see where that thing could where to be seen, so I was in luck.

I have been told that bats are pretty harmless and beneficial and eat bugs. I'll deal with the bugs in the house thank you very much. While it is true that they are not bad animals, having a bat flying around the house is not comforting by any stretch of the imagination. Plus, this was just the beginning of our bat experience in this house.

After a few more minutes Jim shows up with a bucket and a net and we start going around the house looking for this thing. I know that it isn't on the main floor or the upstairs because I closed that door. So we go into the basement and are looking around with a flashlight. Those things are hard to find when they don't want to be found. We eventually find it and Jim, so cool, was able to trap it with the net and then get it into the bucket and then take it outside where it belongs.

People love to hear about the bat story, I don't get it, it was a bat...bats are not funny.

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