Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mouse Trap

Once upon a while ago (few years) I was up early on a Saturday and waiting for the sun to come up so I could go for a ride. Riley was acting very strangely that morning and kept dorking around my book case. Since I never know what to expect in our house I wasn't about to take a look at what might be behind the book case. I figured I would let Tom take care of it.

So it got to the point where I could go for a ride and enjoy a quiet morning out on the road - off I went. I was hoping that Riley would lose interest in whatever was behind the bookcase or maybe it was nothing, my hope of course. After my return about an hour later, Riley is STILL very intent on getting behind the bookcase. Well, now I really know that I don't want to take a look! There has got to be something back there.

Not too much time goes by and Tom wakes up and comes downstairs. I inform him of his cat's interest in the bookcase so he moves the bookcase just enough to look - then this little creature came darting out! Well, now we are trying to not lose the creature which turns out to be a mouse and keep Riley away and I was trying not to go crazy because it's a mouse. I don't remember when or how, but one of us had enough sense to grab a bowl to trap the rodent which Tom did.

NOW I'm interested in looking at this little guy, turns out he was pretty cute so I had to take a picture before our visitor's departure....

Riley doesn't have any front claws so his hunting instincts are purely in theory alone there is not a lot he can do by slapping his paw on a defensely little mouse. He could possibly win a stare down though, check out that steely look!

This one may have been cute, but I still don't like mice. Especially in my house.

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