Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hottest Day Ride 2008

It really wasn't that hot, but it was a great ride! This year we decided to give the 40 mile route a shot - the first time we rode this one the 40 mile route was really horrible and it was just not that fun. So much that we did the 15 mile route last year.

Whoever came up with the new route deserves an award of some was that great! On this route we actually were riding more than we were waiting at intersections to get across the street. The other best thing and my favorite was going up Mt. Tabor! We were routed up Yamhill to get to the park and the first part of the hill was pretty steep, fortunately not that long. At the top of that one I decided that it finally warmed up enough to peel off the armwarmers, Tom got to stuff those into one of his pockets. Then two more short climbs and we were in the park. The other good thing about this was that there was a restroom...I knew as soon as I left the last rest stop that I would regret not using the Honey Bucket before leaving which I realized a couple of miles down the road.

The climb into the park was good, but when you go up, you have to go down and I may actually like climbing better than descending. Mostly because the steep parts of the road are relatively short and require attention as the roads are not closed to traffic. I may have to check my brakes now - I wasn't entirely sure that my brakes were going to hold on!

August is great because there is a ride every weekend (usually on Sunday) and we try to get them all each year!

Getting ready to go.... At the first rest stop enjoying a Gorge Delight fruit bar...
Tom enjoying the same bar (actually just the wrapper)... A watermelon eating contest at the second rest stop...
And a bridge lift at the Steel Bridge...that was a first for me! We usually get stopped because of trains. We almost did at Columbia (as usual), but took a short cut to avoid stopping!

It's getting harder to round up some people to ride with us. I realize that it is summer and everyone is busy with kids and family stuff. I miss riding with our buddies, but we always have a blast when it is just the two of us.

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