Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Fun

Friday Night was the Portland Twilight Criterium - Yesterday we went to the Providence Bridge Pedal Health and Wellness Expo at the Double Tree across from Lloyd Center. That was loads of fun, I got a massage, had my gait analyzed so I know what sort of running shoes to invest in and I had my blood pressure taken - 104/82 pretty good for an old chick! We got to look at some really cool hand made bikes at the expo too...sooo cool and amazing! A handmade bike would be a special luxury investment...drool drool drool...

Afterwards we checked in at the hotel and then ventured over to Thirst Wine Bar and Bistro for a couple of flights of wine and some antipasto. We spied a Cascadia Cabs pedicab going by and decided that it would be fun to go for a tour of the Waterfront. Naturally when we were ready for a ride there was no pedicab in sight so we hoofed it over to the Salmon Street Fountain and sat around waiting for one to show. We must have been there for 45 minutes when this little scrawny fella came riding up and parked it waiting for his next fare. We went for it, but just opted to be taken back to the hotel instead of going for a mini tour. He was so scrawny that we had to get out and walk up the rise in the path...besides towing us, the cab itself weighs 200+ pounds. I didn't mind walking...I felt bad for him. It kind of felt like we were in a parade as we passed by people along the RiverPlace Esplanade.

The start of this years 11 Bridge route started at the Kerby Street on-ramp to the Fremont Bridge. That was totally cool because it was a straight shot to the bridge and onto 405 to the Marquam which was totally cool to be able to do that! Man oh man, 405 is quite bumpy and I had a hard time just because I felt like I was going to shake my fillings right out! The entire route was pretty well lined out and the signage was excellent, hardly any time spent waiting to get on a bridge or anything - that was a plus! 3 hours later we arrived at the finish and it was so fun!

I'm tired tonight though, the bed at the hotel is not comfortable compared to our new mattress, so sleep will come easily this evening.

Will be commuting most days this week and then gearing up for the Vine Ride on Saturday and will be signing up for the Mt Hood Jazz 5K on Sunday.

I love August!

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